Seventy-six percent of individuals with a developmental and/or intellectual disability are living with family caregivers. Support for families is essential. SVH Family Services offers a wide variety of family assistance, programs, and educational opportunities, from social groups, support groups, sibling workshops and more. We are here to meet your loved one where they are and offer support to the entire family.

In-Home ABA Program

An intensive Applied Behavior Analysis program developed and supervised by our team of behavior analysts and behavior technicians. The focus is language and communication, independent daily living skills, family training and behavior management.

In-Home Flyer

Life Skills Program

This program is specifically for an individual who needs to learn basic activities of daily living. This may include:  cooking, cleaning, hygiene, laundry, shopping, medication management, etc. This program can be implemented at SVH, in the community or in the individual’s home, however, always to be generalized to the individual’s home life. This program may be purchased through the Department of Aging and Rehabilitative Services (DARS), Waiver, private pay, school districts, insurance and Family Assessment and Planning Teams (FAPT), EPSDT (up to age 22).

Therapeutic Consultation

Therapeutic consultation can be obtained by St. Vincent’s Home (SVH) when an individual goal/s are not being met due to one of the following:

  • Behavioral challenges
  • Communication challenges
  • Social relatedness challenges

Therapeutic Consultation Flyer

Social Skills Groups

Social Groups are offered when enough interest exists within similar age groups. Specific skills are taught and then practiced after goals are determined through parent assessment. The group participates in activities such as cooking, outings, drama, etc. During these activities goals are targeted and assessed. Funding for this service is private pay, schools districts or Family Assessment and Planning Teams (FAPT).

Sibling Groups

Sibling groups are offered for brothers or sisters of individuals on the autism spectrum. A counselor leads group activities, such as craft or cooking, while facilitating discussions regarding their sibling and troubleshooting complicated social situations, community embarrassment, navigating challenging behaviors and more. Parents give the counselor particular areas of concern to address. Funding is through private pay.

Parent Support Group

A parent support group is held monthly for parents to discuss and share experiences, ideas, guest specialists and speakers, and more. There is no charge for support groups. Groups can be arranged to occur simultaneously with social groups.