Blue Ridge Autism and Achievement Center’s mission is to serve children and families who are faced with unique learning challenges, specifically autism and learning disabilities, in and around the Roanoke Valley. Blue Ridge Autism and Achievement Center (BRAAC) is licensed by the Virginia Department of Education to serve students ages 2-22. BRAAC provides specialized educational programs in a private day school setting as well as direct and consultative educational services in public schools. BRAAC has three locations located in Roanoke, Lexington and Lynchburg.

BRAAC also offers an after-school tutoring program which provides continuity and reinforces consistency for students and families. Services for children in their homes as well as in-home training for parents is also provided under the BRAAC umbrella. All of these highly specialized services necessitate continued professional development, which BRAAC provides to its staff, local school divisions, community support professionals and family members.

Intensive ABA Program

A wide range of areas are addressed for each child which may include:
Instruction using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
Communication systems such as PECS™ or ASL
Transition planning
Social skills
Independent Life & Play skills


STARS Program

The STARS Program is open to students who have various learning needs such as learning disabilities, inclusive of dyslexia, ADHD and dysgraphia, as well as students with Asperger’s Syndrome.  We provide a structured, multi-sensory, phonetic approach to learning in a classroom environment that promotes confidence and self-esteem.


Adolescent Program

Blue Ridge Autism and Achievement Center’s growing adolescent program is designed to meet the unique needs of our youth. BRAAC designs a program that is individualized for the student, but also understands that independence is the hallmark of success as our youth quickly emerge into adulthood.


Preschool Program

Blue Ridge Autism and Achievement Center has an inclusive preschool classroom. Preschoolers attend BRAAC from 8:15 a.m. to 2:15 p.m., five days per week. The classroom has 4-5 peer models and 2-3 students with autism. Individualized pre-academic and academic programs are offered to the preschooler with autism.


Summer Program

BRAAC hosts a summer program for children with autism, learning disabilities and children without unique learning challenges (We call these children our peer models!). Special emphasis is placed on social play and development, communication skills and social skill development, while targeting certain learning goals. Our program meets the needs of all types of learners, offering one on one therapy where needed.


Tutoring Program

Individual Tutoring is provided for anyone child or adult, even those without disabilities. Tutoring services can be provided to the clients in the home, at a local library or at the center, whichever is determined to be best for the client and the tutor. Tutoring sessions are one hour in length at charged on an hourly basis.