St. Vincent’s Home operates programs for children, adults and families of individuals with special learning challenges. These programs are geared towards accomplishing goals associated with meaningful employment, social relationships, enjoyable hobbies and independence. All our programs can work independently or together to achieve goals for each individual client’s goals.

SVH Adult Services


The need for active adult community based programs, as well as employment services for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities, is very real.  SVH Adult Services is pleased to offer Achieve Employment, Katie’s Place Community Day Program, SPARK, social activities and recreational opportunities, as well as Daily Living Skills teaching and Therapeutic Consultation, for those difficult times.

Blue Ridge Autism and Achievement Center (BRAAC)

Blue Ridge Autism and Achievement Center (BRAAC) is a nonprofit, nonsectarian center that provides education and services for children and families affected by autism and unique learning challenges, such as Learning Disabilities. In addition to the center based programs, BRAAC also provides specialized services for children in their homes as well as in-home training for parents.

SVH Family Services

Seventy-six percent of individuals with a developmental and/or intellectual disability are living with family caregivers. Support for families is essential. SVH Family Services offers a wide variety of family assistance, programs, and educational opportunities, from social groups, support groups, sibling workshops and more. We are here to meet your loved one where they are and offer support to the entire family.